Beautiful Souls,
Today is a huge astronomical event: Lions Gate Portal 8/8

The Lion’s Gate is all about the alignment of the stars and the Astro effects to the spiritual body in the physical realm.

The Lion’s Gate is a representation of the dropping of limiting beliefs and transcending forward into what is known as the Ascension Awakening Process.

The Lion’s Gate is a gentle reminder that this is a period of Birthing, New Ideas, and Projects. The birthing will lead to Prosperity and Ease as the spirit body Transcends into a more 5D body.

Expect the Heart Chakra to be more active as the upper Chakras become more awakened.

Expect your psychic and healing abilities to heightened.

The construct of “old” has melted away, leaving behind the tangible soul body. It is as if you are now living as a inside out be-ing.

The body which housed the soul is now a soul which houses a body.

You have transcended and are no longer recognized as the old self, yet seen as the light body In 5D Frequency.

Shine bright! It is a wonderful time to be alive. Happy Transcending and Happy Lions Gate 2019.

~Angel Bradeen, Omholistic Jax’s

Published by Omholistic Jax’s

Intuitive metaphysical practitioner and healer, currently serving the Jacksonville, Florida community.

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