With the recent events to our precious Mother Earth, I am prompted to share about our responsibilities as human beings. Although many of us take our precious air we breathe for granted as we are hustling and bustling throughout our day. Our precious air we breathe is the birthing of the lungs that now are engulfed in flames. The Amazon is being murdered and Gaia is gasping for air as she tries to breathe.

The responsibility we have as humans is to put an end to this maliciousness that could possibly shorten the life span of all living creatures on our planet.

As a Conscious being I can not help to feel the pains of this planet as she is suffering. The injustice is terribly heavy in heart and my mind can not conceive the outcomes that attach to it.

Vibrationally we could all change this frequency of destruction by holding space anchoring the change. This would require mass meditation and days of Humanity stepping into the power of positive thought vibration and prayers.

As a Science minded individual I often wonder is this pre destined? would it even matter at this point if we all collaborated in the efforts of saving our planet? Is it too late?

As You read this please take the time to ask yourself what can I do? If all you can do is hold space then choose to do so and without hesitation.

May Mercy and Peace be with all of Humanity an our Mother Gaia ~ Angel Bradeen

Published by Omholistic Jax’s

Intuitive metaphysical practitioner and healer, currently serving the Jacksonville, Florida community.

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