The Greatest Show On Earth

Often through the eyes of life, magic happens. To see life as a child to experience magic and wonder, to be amazed.

All of life’s wonders are a unicycle of energy a wheel of destiny in perpetual motion.

As the act of peddling on the cycle is being preformed the mind begins to analyze the excitement those feelings the oh’s ah’s and the whats next?

Our waking everyday life is The Greatest Show- Our minds constantly searching for ways to pick apart and distinguish the feelings that are brought about in everyday activities. The daily wonderful, wondrous ponders that each person experiences.

Often while taking part either as the participants or the performer,collectively each has contracted to share the combined energies of the oh’s and ah’s of life-

The collective unconscious becomes a consciousness that creates wonder amazement and excitement hence being You are watching and simultaneously sharing a part of The Greatest Show On Earth!

Published by Omholistic Jax’s

Intuitive metaphysical practitioner and healer, currently serving the Jacksonville, Florida community.

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