Life Is Painfully Beautiful

The essence of self through the eyes of soul self.

The wonder of pain process. The thoughts of the great minds before me and the expansiveness of all that we encompass. The innate ability to learn. The un-foldment of life into a mold that fits the way the brain can process.

Each unique chapter of one’s self brings them to a place of wonder. A place of question and bewilderment beyond all stars and galaxies. The divine universe the cyber matrix of infinite possibilities.

A painful life experiences creates with in the vortex of the mind a process of conditioning to either learn from the experience or fold into the experience with out the reprieve of healing thought process and allowing the natural un-foldment of life’s such happenings.

The pause in the pain is where growth begins. This unique growth process begins with a germination of set backs, traumas and unexpected down falls.

The germination is then planted and seeded in richness of life, sprouted and transformed into a beautiful new beginning.

Life is painfully beautiful- is the metaphor to the traumas and set backs one’s self may experience in a lifetime. The mind takes time to process, the body takes time to catch up to the mind and the soul is carefully watching in agreement.

Even the most intelligent minds or spiritually active minds have painful growth processes. We all are in the process of unfoldment. Turning the pages to reach that NEXT chapter in life.

Published by Omholistic Jax’s

Intuitive metaphysical practitioner and healer, currently serving the Jacksonville, Florida community.

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