Angelic’s Heed Your Calling

Angelic’s of the Golden Age

Ask yourself this do you have a higher calling? Do you feel particularly close to God the Angels? Do you somehow feel as if you can remember that you are from somewhere else, a different time in reality? Do you long for home? Do you understand lingo associated with divine presence and all that is . What does Creator mean to you? Do you have a understanding of demons or principalities? Do you know how to tap into the holiest of hollies as if it somehow comes naturally to you? Do you find yourself living in a daydream or a fog? Do you feel you have time traveled or jumped timelines? Has your walk on this planet caused you many hurdles and obstacles? Do you understand the 10th dimension and how you achieved the process of ascension?

If you answered yes to all the above, my opinion is that you are a true earth angel prepared to assist this planet in her ascension process.

My Name is Angel (fitting) and I have known that I am a Earth Angel since 2011 True acceptance of my role on this planet came to me in 2019.

My first experience was when I seen my 12 foot tall higher self. I thought to myself, this is an angel, or my spirit guide. A beautiful loving, glowing, tall being. I wanted nothing but to crawl into the arms of myself and be loved and held.

The signs are everywhere for myself.. My love for God religions of all kinds mostly the Cather’s and Franciscans. My understanding of the bible as code and my love for numbers and astrology and the cosmos.

You will understand that you are so much more then flesh and blood and you will begin to see that your purpose is to remember to shift and change energy and vibration.

The text reference in the bible states that you will be tested. Now not by a devilish man with a pointy tail and horns? yet tests of your spirit.

Growth of the spirit that lives within you! The spirit that you chose to help you ascend. You are more powerful then any obstacle. You spirit is not on this planet alone. You have helpers and guides. These helpers and guides are you they are part of your soul group.

Angelic’s have several earthly names, Fallen Angels, Seraph, and Nephilim.

The Angelic Realms = The 7th Dimension or higher. This space is only accessed through the heart space. Heart Chakra Gut Heart and Mind Heart!

The heart space will help guide you along your spiritual path the one that you chose before you where born. You can access spiritual opportunities that will assist you as you go through your ascension process.

Your higher self your Angelic Self is your Guardian. They will gently push you to meet certain people or place you in different place of living. They are the whispers of your soul, the gut instinct the knowing.

Communication with your Angelic self is very crucial to your survival your shift into Higher Consciousness.

The shift into this perspective can be very daunting and questionable. You are currently unlearning what was learned. It will seem strange at first. As if you feel others will judge you or deemed you as crazy.

Yet a True Angelic Stands in Their Power! They worry not of the opinions of other lower vibrational beings they are of a higher realm.

Angelic’s understand frequency of the planet, patterns of sacred geometry and the connective divine flow of all that is. A language of it’s own.

Some Angelic’s can speak from flesh utter the words of tiers of angels.

First second and third tier.

First Tier : Serphium,Cherubim,Thrones

Second Tier : Dominions,Virtues,Powers

Third Tier : Principalities,Archangels,Angels

This is only the basics of the fundamental earth angel. I will continue to help guide you through the process of ascension as I am called to do so.

Heed the Call! The Trumpet has sounded Earth has Shifted and Spirit is Quaking. Heavenly bodies will be shaken. Mark 13:25 Bible.

Published by Omholistic Jax’s

Intuitive metaphysical practitioner and healer, currently serving the Jacksonville, Florida community.

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