Angelic’s Heed Your Calling

Ask yourself this do you have a higher calling? Do you feel particularly close to God the Angels? Do you somehow feel as if you can remember that you are from somewhere else, a different time in reality? Do you long for home? Do you understand lingo associated with divine presence and all that isContinue reading “Angelic’s Heed Your Calling”

Breakdowns of Human Self

Understanding that heaven is inside of you. You hold the answers to all you are seeking. Through the eyes of the heart you will change your life. Breaking the barrier of self truth by uncovering soul self. Treacherous seeking through the spirit of mist covered lake,thick with droplets of life’s minds agonies. As Sun shinesContinue reading “Breakdowns of Human Self”

The Greatest Show On Earth

Often through the eyes of life, magic happens. To see life as a child to experience magic and wonder, to be amazed. All of life’s wonders are a unicycle of energy a wheel of destiny in perpetual motion. As the act of peddling on the cycle is being preformed the mind begins to analyze theContinue reading “The Greatest Show On Earth”

Calling all Angels

As hurricane Dorian approaches Omholistic would like to extend a prayer of comfort and protection from our Angels- Dear Angels Please provide comfort and shelter to all living beings who need your loving assistance and guidance. Cover those who are unable to cover themselves send physical angels to assist those in need and may yourContinue reading “Calling all Angels”