The painful side of spiritual awakening

Far to often we tend to seek out higher realms of consciousness without understanding we are indeed physical infants maturing into advanced soul beings. We tend to forget that there lurks a dark side to this souls miraculous journey.

Have you met a soul who was in such a place of growth,who has not encounter some sort of uncomfortable experience in his or her life time?

Every ascended Master who came to this planet had to walk the painful walk of spiritual transformation.

A soul that choose the Transformational period will indeed walk through fire and often some will walk through death.

Death,Birth, Transformation Cycle- can only be achieved when the souls chooses to be in agreement with growth. It is why some souls repeat cycles over and over. Either the death period or birthing period without completing the transformation cycle.

The stages of transformation often are so painful most souls are unable to continue in this existence they simple pass on.

Spiritual Awakening forces old beliefs to be squeezed from the soul droplet by droplet like sweat from pours it is released. Slowly forcing the physical mind to shit perception and create a reality change.

As perception changes reality is formed a NEW and the Transformation process becomes complete.

Achieving a level of higher consciousness often referred to as God- Consciousness.

Spiritual Mind Unfoldment

The unique human experience of spiritual unfoldment is happening to many souls at this time. Micro layers ease through the process of peeling back beliefs from the system of doctrine etched into the waking conscious mind.

Human beings are having spiritual experience the human body houses the spirit which houses the minds development process.

The subconscious mind develops in the last trimester of fetal growth. The subconscious mind then begins to form belief systems from surroundings,formed birth to the age of five years old. The complexity of the brain is that it can only interpret what it sees. Yet the Spiritual mind has an eye not of physical form. The minds eye is an energy and that energy is omnipresent.

As each belief unfolds the minds eye begins to form a new belief taught from the spirit and not taught from man.

Unfoldment happens when the soul chooses to shift conscious awaken realities to a unconscious or subconscious level. Releasing the preset filters of perception so that spirit may create a new altered state of being.

The unfoldment has been compared to the birth and death process. Some will say becoming or remembering. It is simply amazingly life affirming Unfoldment.


With the recent events to our precious Mother Earth, I am prompted to share about our responsibilities as human beings. Although many of us take our precious air we breathe for granted as we are hustling and bustling throughout our day. Our precious air we breathe is the birthing of the lungs that now are engulfed in flames. The Amazon is being murdered and Gaia is gasping for air as she tries to breathe.

The responsibility we have as humans is to put an end to this maliciousness that could possibly shorten the life span of all living creatures on our planet.

As a Conscious being I can not help to feel the pains of this planet as she is suffering. The injustice is terribly heavy in heart and my mind can not conceive the outcomes that attach to it.

Vibrationally we could all change this frequency of destruction by holding space anchoring the change. This would require mass meditation and days of Humanity stepping into the power of positive thought vibration and prayers.

As a Science minded individual I often wonder is this pre destined? would it even matter at this point if we all collaborated in the efforts of saving our planet? Is it too late?

As You read this please take the time to ask yourself what can I do? If all you can do is hold space then choose to do so and without hesitation.

May Mercy and Peace be with all of Humanity an our Mother Gaia ~ Angel Bradeen


Beautiful Souls,
Today is a huge astronomical event: Lions Gate Portal 8/8

The Lion’s Gate is all about the alignment of the stars and the Astro effects to the spiritual body in the physical realm.

The Lion’s Gate is a representation of the dropping of limiting beliefs and transcending forward into what is known as the Ascension Awakening Process.

The Lion’s Gate is a gentle reminder that this is a period of Birthing, New Ideas, and Projects. The birthing will lead to Prosperity and Ease as the spirit body Transcends into a more 5D body.

Expect the Heart Chakra to be more active as the upper Chakras become more awakened.

Expect your psychic and healing abilities to heightened.

The construct of “old” has melted away, leaving behind the tangible soul body. It is as if you are now living as a inside out be-ing.

The body which housed the soul is now a soul which houses a body.

You have transcended and are no longer recognized as the old self, yet seen as the light body In 5D Frequency.

Shine bright! It is a wonderful time to be alive. Happy Transcending and Happy Lions Gate 2019.

~Angel Bradeen, Omholistic Jax’s